Travelling to Little Baghdad

The reason Iraq is on my mind at the moment is because of a wonderful event I attended in Fairfield two weeks ago called Little Baghdad, presented by the Powerhouse Youth Theatre.… Read More Travelling to Little Baghdad


Copenhagen retrospective

It was lovely to revisit Copenhagen last year, a great city all round that’s noticeably changed since I first visited. There were lots of little things I really appreciated this time which I hadn’t seen before like the revitalised migrant neighbourhood in Nørrebro and the Kastrup Sea Bath.… Read More Copenhagen retrospective

Toasted cornbread and jalapeño jam in San Francisco

Since returning to Sydney these past few months, I can’t help but notice just how much more we’ve become influenced by American food trends. It’s easy to pick out what’s been replicated from the other side of the Pacific: bagels with lox and cream cheese, milkshakes with paper straws, pulled pork everything. Hipster Mexican. But it’s not quite the same, and… Read More Toasted cornbread and jalapeño jam in San Francisco