About this blog

The Travels of Elephant Woman is my travelogue, where I write about travelling at home and abroad. Travelling is one of my great passions: I’ve been hitting the road since the age of 19 and now I’m 34.

They say elephants never forget but I forget things all the time so blogging is a way of capturing those passing thoughts. All the photos on the blog are mine, aside from those I clearly credit.

I give some recommendations but what I’m mostly interested in are the cultures and places of the world, multiculturalism and otherwise recording my experiences. I spend a lot of time thinking about the ethics of travel and try to travel as mindfully as possible. I’m not really about ticking things off lists and accumulating countries – it’s a great privilege to travel and humility is always called for.

If you’ve connected with something I’ve written, leave a comment on a post or drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you :)

About me

My name is Sheila and I’ve spent most of my life in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. I’ve had year-long working stints abroad in the UK and Thailand as well as a summer studying in Paris and a year studying a masters degree in Europe – Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy. My family migrated to Australia as refugees from Vietnam and I’d like to spend more time there over the coming years. In addition to travel, my family history is one of my favourite topics to reflect on and write about.

I’m a writer and communications professional with postgraduate degrees in bioethics and public health. I regularly write articles and creative nonfiction for websites and magazines, as well as dabbling in playwriting, live storytelling and other creative forms.

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Why ‘Elephant Woman’?

Elephant Woman by Blonde Redhead provided the inspiration for the title. Plus elephants are an important symbol in Thailand, a country I’ve spent a lot of time in. Years ago I went to a meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and in one of the exercises, I created a collage with a little elephant trying to float in the sky. And I realised that that elephant was me, yearning for freedom.