Seeing things in colour in Melbourne

With just a few days ago before I take off, I’m at the stage now where I’m saying goodbye to everyone with, “See you in a year”. It’s really hitting me at the moment that this is really happening and I am really getting on a plane on Tuesday. In the midst of packing up and preparing to go, I took a trip down to Melbourne last week to catch up with family and friends.

For me, the beauty of re-visiting places is being able to see things with new eyes each time. This is very much the case for me with Melbourne, where I manage to get down most years. So it was a wonderful four days of catching up with people, making new connections and having fun, including a few films at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

I hardly took any photos, but what kept drawing my eye and got me snapping occasionally were all the colours of the city. I’d never noticed this before — but there it was, everywhere I looked and whatever time of day it was.

Off Sydney Road, Brunswick
Off Sydney Road, Brunswick
Hosier Lane
Hosier Lane
In Chinatown
In Chinatown
Souvlaki at Ouzeri
Souvlaki at Ouzeri

2 thoughts on “Seeing things in colour in Melbourne

  1. An interesting look at Melbourne. I think I have missed an episode, last I knew you were on a holiday. Where to now?

    I am back after 14 weeks of mostly ex Soviet and Eastern bloc countries. All went very smoothly so being a old aged backpacker, albeit with wheels, is much easier than most think. Now off to read up on the Balkans. So much to learn.

    1. Hello! Sorry I missed this comment and didn’t reply earlier. I went to Far North Queensland and Japan last month, back to Sydney for a month (with a sidetrip to Melbourne) and as you know, I’m now on the road again.

      I loved the scope of your trip and admire your adventurousness! I missed a few of your blog posts since I was so busy, but will go back and catch up soon. Especially as I am thinking of going to Russia and thereabouts next year on the way home

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