Boston, where everybody knows your name

I’m currently planning various trips for the second half of the year and dreaming up wild itineraries. I always start complicated with lots of short stopovers and eventually end up with…slightly less complicated. But I always feel like it’s worth going out of my way to see friends, which is why I squeezed in Boston for two days after New York and before flying to San Francisco in December.

My friend Jen lives in Boston but we met back in Sydney, where she lived for a time
Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church
It was so great catching up because I hadn’t seen her since I last visited in 2009. I got to see where she was living and met her partner too.
Harvard Yard
My brother came up from New York and two of my lovely friends came down from Maine to see me.
Algiers Coffee House
Nothing beats drinking hot chocolates with friends in New England coffeehouses.

Of course, I ended up wanting more time…but as it was, I loved catching up with everyone, and even cooked them all a Vietnamese meal on my second (and last) night. It was lots of fun and we laughed over a game of Apples to Apples. I wish we lived closer but as long as I have connections in this part of the world, I’ll keep coming back. And maybe one day they’ll come down here and visit me!


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