California dreaming

I don’t need to dream about California anymore because tomorrow I’m getting on a plane to head back.

It’s a bit spoiled of me to be returning so soon after just leaving it seven weeks ago and it’s a long way to go for 10 days; but a heavily subsidised place at the TEDActive conference in Palm Springs was an offer too good to refuse. I’m a curator for TEDxSydney and a sizeable chunk of our team is going.

This trip didn’t even come up for me until late last year, long after I booked my big trip to North America. I’d already used up every bit of annual leave I had so to take this extra trip, I put in a lot of overtime on top of my usual duties including a digital pop-up radio station and a national broadcast for Lunar New Year. And other interesting things I’ve been sticking my nose into at work.

Tilden Regional Park
My first morning on the West Coast at Tilden Regional Park and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge

I’m flying into San Francisco and out of LA so I get to squeeze in some catch ups on either side which I’m excited about. I’m also finally meeting a researcher I relied on heavily in the making of my radio documentary on Vietnamese rock music (Saigon’s Wartime Beat). This trip will be a mixture of old and new friends, lots and lots of conversations, and more ideas being thrown at me than I can possibly catch. I’m also renting a car to check out the Palm Springs area and may even try to see Joshua Tree National Park. I’m hoping for plenty of downtime for reading and writing too.

I haven’t had a chance to blog about my recent trip to the West Coast, but suffice to say it won me over in a big way and I’ve been fantastising about moving there for a stint someday. Temperate climate, a cultural hub and a diverse population…these are all the things I look for, and I found it in San Francisco and the Bay Area. And then there are things like incredible vintage stores, and I’m planning to go back to some of them in order to find good accessories for my wedding outfit. I need a few finishing touches, like a gold flower in my hair. What better place to find such a thing than San Francisco?


3 thoughts on “California dreaming

    1. Your mini-trip sounds like fun, enjoy. I’ll try and write you a letter while I’m away – or a postcard at the very least. And thanks for the link, stunning hair accessories. If I don’t manage to find something in the States in a vintage store, I’ll definitely look at the site closely!

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