From the Eternal City to the Emerald City

I travelled a bit more after Rome, including some old faves – Paris, London, Brussels, Antwerp, Frankfurt, Incheon – but none of it quite compared to the Eternal City. That’s not to say that there weren’t thousands of delights in the rest of Europe, which I’ll have to write about sometime; but mostly I was pretty happy to come back to Sydney life…

…until I got back to Sydney life, that is. The first month back was a bit difficult — a cold Spring, living at home again, and a large dose of post-trip blues. I couldn’t help feeling a bit down even though I kept reminding myself that these were all #firstworldproblems. Coming down from a giddy year and a half also led to me sobering up to the fact that I’m back to a more normal life now so my future travel will only take place within those precious weeks of annual leave. Even after all the travel I’ve done, I’m still far from satisfied. (In fact, I’ve already started planning a round the world trip for next year…)

I’m slowly getting my head around work, which has turned out to be an extremely complex project. But it’s also exciting to work with people that I used to only ‘know’ through the radio. The only downside to all of this is that I don’t have much time for my own creative projects but I’ll definitely get to all that in good time.

The other thing that helped to get me back in the swing of things, was that I was invited onto the team organising the biggest TEDx in Australia. It’s a huge, HUGE honour to be involved with TEDx here. When I ran a TEDx back in Thailand it was simply an idea I wanted to explore without any particular agenda; I had no idea what kind of doors it could open.

So what about Josh? Luckily for us, he landed a great job too, so returned a week after I did. Actually, he’s just come back from two weeks abroad on work trips so he’s already been travelling again. Otherwise, we’re mostly focusing on enjoying Sydney life and getting our apartment ready to move into by the start of December. We even went furniture shopping on the weekend and it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be.

If you’ve been following my adventures, you’ll know that it’s been an eventful year and a half. Even though I’m essentially the same person I was back in March 2010 when I left for Thailand, somehow I feel completely different as well. I guess I really lived for a while and my eyes were opened up to so many things — and really, that was the whole point of going.


One thought on “From the Eternal City to the Emerald City

  1. The great thing about travel is that you truly live in the moment – it’s a kind of a rest from your life where you are – or I am – usually planning, pondering or wondering.
    Anna Funder wrote in Stasiland how she liked travelling on trains because you were neither here nor there.

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