Bob Dylan in Saigon

I came back from Hanoi on Wednesday morning, before heading back to Vietnam again yesterday afternoon. I know, talk about a crazy amount of flights and travelling! It’s definitely not my preference to have back to back trips and if I had the option to stay on in Vietnam and work from here for those few days, that would have been great…but sadly, I don’t have a flexible work environment that allows for such arrangements. You know, it is very exciting to be able to travel internationally for work and I feel immensely privileged to have had a few trips over the past year, but my default position is still the same even after all this: I much prefer travelling for my own purposes, rather than travelling for work.

I’m still gathering my thoughts about the Hanoi trip, which ended up being extremely interesting, but the most exciting thought that came out of it was a lightbulb moment about what my big writing project will be over the next 12 months. I will sit with that thought for a while longer until I get to Paris and have some time to work on it, but needless to say I’m terribly excited.

This time last year I was settling into Thailand and about to discover the highs and lows of Songkran. This year, I decided that I would prefer to be away from the raucous “water fight” celebration and figured that my time would be better spent going back to Vietnam for a week. So anyway, here we are, back again in Saigon…and seeing Bob Dylan tonight in his first, and probably only, concert in Vietnam. And actually, on Friday we’re heading off to Singapore for a few days to see Bob Dylan again, as well as hang out with some good friends.

Last night, there was a funny moment at the airport when I came across this guy and took a photo:

Welcome Bob Dylan
Welcome Bob Dylan

Josh’s account of this incident can be found on his blog 21st Century Marco Polo — though he took a bit of artistic license in claiming that we came all the way here to Saigon just for Bob Dylan! But it is certainly a happy coincidence that he was playing here and Josh, in particular, is a massive fan. I can’t wait for the concert tonight because there are also Vietnamese supporting acts who are performing a tribute to the late Trinh Cong Son, the Vietnamese equivalent to Bob Dylan. Should be a night to remember.


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