Us at wedding
Not a pro shot :)

I’d been very excited about going to my boss’ wedding for months…and time flies because now it’s come and gone. The pics have came back from the professional photographers and I was emailed a few collages so I thought I’d share them here. The photographers did a great job. I’ve seen wedding photos from different parts of Asia and these are much better than those, confirming my impression that Thais are very creative — they like beautiful design and have great aesthetic sensibilities.

It was a nice night, and it was great to see my boss and his new wife so happy. This is the first Thai-style wedding I’ve ever been to and I found the occasion to be more sober than I imagined it would be, because Thais are generally so fun-loving. So I expected it to be a lot more like a Vietnamese-style wedding than a Western-style wedding — but it was something different altogether, particularly the Q&A bit where the two MCs (a male and a female) grilled the bride and groom about their thoughts and feelings about each other: “What do you like best about…”, “What attracted you to…” etc. We both squirmed a bit during some of the questions because it wasn’t something we’ve experienced before; a newly married couple being specifically asked to share personal feelings in front of over 350 people. But it was an interesting experience nonetheless, and I look forward to going to the next Thai wedding on the list which will be sometime in 2011. And no, I don’t mean ours, although the thought has crossed my mind about how nice it would be to get hitched in this part of the world — one of my workmates (said MC) said he will finally tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend. By the way, in northern Thai (Buddhist) culture, there are literally knots tied — every close family member ties a white string around the left wrists of the couple. It happened before the reception so I missed it; I just witnessed the evidence afterwards as a whole bunch of white strings around their wrists.

Because one of the MCs was a workmate, he specifically mentioned my name over the mic when the bouquet throw was about to happen which is how I got dragged in, and later, got a small scratch on my hand — let’s just say that a bunch of single women reaching for the same bouquet isn’t a pretty sight, no matter where in the world this happens. My heart is never in this part of the festivities; I’m good at catching but after doing this at least half a dozen times I still haven’t grabbed a bouquet. Which may perhaps suggest that there are clearly women out there who want a wedding much more badly!

Up close
Candid camera
More candid camera
The whole gangJump, jump


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