Out at night

There’s still a curfew in force which means everyone has to be off the streets by 9pm. As my boss was saying to me yesterday, it’s actually a very convenient excuse to stay in. “Sorry, can’t do karaoke, you know, curfew…” I’ve been enjoying having nights off at home – not to mention that it’s a good excuse to not to go to the gym, haha. However, I did have a great night on Thursday, with an impromptu invitation to have dinner on the rooftop of my building. There was my landlady, her daughter (who is 8 and completely adorable), her mother, her sister and brother-in-law visiting from Australia, and my Colombian neighbour. Great company, fab setting. I’ve promised them that when my other half is around, we will have another similar rooftop dinner where we’ll all make our own Vietnamese rice paper rolls. I’ll organise it and set it all up. The secret is the sauce and I think I can replicate my mum’s recipe.


Pre-curfew, I also went and checked out some live music on Tuesday, and thought I’d stick the photos up here. I haven’t really got the hang of night-time photography but here’s my attempt: Lula (left) and Calories Blah Blah (below) were playing at the Monkey Club. They’re popular acts – everyone knew the songs and was singing along. I realised this morning that I actually have Lula’s mp3s too from my workmate so she likes them both. The music played was fun and enjoyable but I can’t say I loved the music. I wonder if I could find any Thai music that I really love. My inability to understand Thai at the moment will make it difficult to get into Thai music but I do like some music where I don’ t understand the lyrics, so it’s not just that. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to be excited by ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ by The National which I downloaded the other day. Wow!

Calories Blah Blah guitarist

Calories Blah Blah


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