Phuket pineapples

Muang Mai MarketLast night I made the effort to go to the other side of town to buy fruit and flowers at a market one of my workmates recommended I check out.

The Muang Mai market is situated by the Ping river. Further down are more popular ones including Wararot market which I ended up in – but by that stage I had too much to carry so decided to call it a night and find flowers later.

Phuket pineapplesSince it was dark it wasn’t as busy as it is during the day, but there was still a lot of fruit and other goods available at great prices. I bought some much needed items for the kitchen; chains and locks for my bikes; and a ridiculous amount of fruit. And I would’ve bought more if I had some way of getting it all back home! As it was I ended up with mangoes, cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes, pineapples – oh, glorious pineapples! I don’t know if I have ever seen piles and piles of pineapples like that at a market before. I was also very proud of myself because I managed to read the sign: ‘Phuket’. I haven’t even written about my Thai lessons and will soon, but let’s just say that it is bloody HARD work! I still can’t say anything, but I’m getting a good grounding in basic grammar. It’s not the most natural way to learn but the systematic approach works well for me, which is perhaps not so surprising.

DurianI also couldn’t resist buying some durian to have for dinner later that night and the verdict? I have never tasted durian so pungent in my life. It was probably THE most intense eating experience I’ve had since I arrived here. My Thai teacher reckons that a man died from eating too much durian and you know what? I’m inclined to believe her. It’s a ‘hot’ fruit which means eating too much of it overheats your body. It’s basically a yin-yang thing. Like Thais, Viets also believe that durian is a ‘hot’ fruit. I’m sure there is a more scientific explanation for what this means but I’ve grown up with the hot/cool theory so it makes perfect sense to me.

My big haul from the market will be shared tomorrow because I have invited the four young Aussies I know to come over for lunch at my place. In keeping with the yin-yang theory of food, I am going to balance out all the spicy Thai food we consume by going Mediterranean – spaghetti tossed with roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic and garnished with basil, accompanied by a salad dressed with lemon and olive oil dressing. And for dessert? Mangoes (hot) and pineapples (cool). A fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Phuket pineapples

  1. I wish I had markets like that around here! We got some deliocious mangoes and pineapples in Kenya, and it has spoiled me for what I can get around here…

    1. True, so let’s talk about you coming down here to visit some time! Although speaking of what you can get, I was recently thinking of that time when I had fresh milk from your farm – and I could drink it without any problem even though I can’t normally drink milk. I met a guy here recently who buys fresh milk here that is unpasteurized and he was saying that milk should be drunk like that because the bacteria helps break down the milk. Any idea if that’s true?!

  2. You know me, I’m always up for travelling:D Although it won’t be this year, since I’m invited to my cousin’s wedding in North-Dakota in September!

    I have no idea about the milk, I’m gonna have to look into it out of curiosity. Considering there’s some types of soured milk sold with added acidophilus bacteria that’s good for your stomach there might be something to it. Of course, I’ve also heard of people getting sick from drinking unpasteurized milk, because of their immune system not being able to handle the “unknown” bacteria.

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