Small world

Remember the other morning when I met a red-headed woman at the food stand and I asked her, “where’s the congee?” I was intrigued by her Thai fluency and what I immediately sensed was her total ease with our surroundings. I definitely wondered what she was doing here – well, guess what? She’s my landlady! What a small world. And I was right, she does have a very interesting story. However, her story really starts before she was born, when her parents lived in Laos for 8 years in the ’70s working for the UN on an arts project. She seems to have a particularly fascinating mother who I’d be keen to meet sometime. We didn’t end up having dinner tonight, but I had a good half hour chat to her after coming home from my Thai lesson in the evening. I’ll definitely write more about her soon.

And on the topic of what a small world this is, today I went home from work at lunch time to grab New Year presents I had bought for my boss and my Thai teacher – and just a few doors down from my house I bumped into a Thai girl, Pat, who I met in Sydney through a mutual friend. We actually had lunch in Bondi on my last day because she happened to be in town. I was actually thinking this week that I should drop her a line because I knew she was coming back to Chiang Mai around this time – and there she was, standing right there outside the local eatery. Amazing, especially as I know so few people here. So Pat has invited me to join her and her pals tomorrow morning to celebrate Songkran and she told me that she’ll even provide me with a t-shirt to wear. Time to get wet and wild, baby!


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