Farang food

I know I’m now living in Thailand surrounded by all kinds of delicious local food but I can’t possibly eat it everyday and need to mix it up. When I move into my new place I fully intend to cook whatever I can get my hands on in terms of ingredients, particularly pasta. Eating out here is super cheap but I would miss having the ability to cook and prepare meals. Especially since I will have a fabulous kitchen to work in.

Today I really felt the need for some ‘farang‘ (foreigner) food, so a huge club sandwich from the Bake & Bite went down really well for lunch. And it wasn’t half-bad either – toasted white bread with melted cheese, crispy bacon, tomato and lettuce with a side of crispy fries and pickles. In this part of town, the Bake & Bite is a popular hangout for ex-pats, along with Smoothie Blues next door. I also had a tasty salmon salad with creamy dressing from The Salad Concept, a few blocks away, for lunch last week.

While I’m on this topic I should also give Mike’s Burgers an honourable mention. Dropped by there for some post-midnight fries on the weekend and it definitely hit the spot after some drinks.


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