The end…or something like that

“After a couple of weeks in Khao Lak it feels great to be back in civilisation (ie Bangkok). As nice as it was to be volunteering in Khao Lak, and as interesting as it was to be part of a small ex-pat community in a coastal town, it’s great being back in an organic city that feels like real Thailand. It’s a city that teems with people and cars and smog and food carts and shopping malls and…”  (24 July)

…and that’s as far as I got with my last blog entry. It figures that I would lose steam right at the very end. I had the best intentions to write “Thailand – Part 2” but the last couple of days went by so quickly that I didn’t have the head space to sit down and write a blog entry. For one thing, we spent a lot of time with Alan and Hanna doing sightseeing around Bangkok – when we weren’t visiting Alan in hospital. Their blog has more info plus a few pics, including one of me and Hanna at Wat Pho.

We also spent some time with Jon and Tina, the friends we were staying with in Bangkok. The last night we had drinks at the top of the Banyan Tree and that was totally awesome – a great thing to do as a tourist in Bangkok. And then it was home at last.

Well, for a week anyway – exactly a week after we landed we headed up to Townsville to visit Michael’s mum. I stayed for four days before coming home again to continue doing my Lifeline course and start a temp job at TAFE. And do a massive spring clean at home…throwing out lots of crap I don’t need.

One thing which I picked up from living overseas is that I have far too many possessions that I don’t really need. (Except for bags that is – I came home with three more of those.) So yes, now I’m home again! When I get some time I’ll put some photo albums together of Turkey, Syria, Switzerland and Thailand and send out an email.

As for this blog…well, it’ll probably be quite a few months before I head anywhere so I’ll just leave it hanging for the time being. It’s been fun though, and a good document to attest to my travels as I was no good at keeping a travel journal. I thought this time I’d be better at writing my thoughts down but…well, not really. I did take some good photos though!

It’s kind of strange to be back in Sydney. There are lots of positive things and I love living here more than ever; but I’ve also been constantly struck by the bad aspects of Australian society which seem to be even worse than what I left. On previous trips I’ve been on, I came home with an appreciation for the wealth that we have in Australia. On this trip, I’ve come home feeling that we are bloody lucky to live in a truly multicultural country and I hope, with time, everyone appreciates this too and becomes a bit more compassionate.


2 thoughts on “The end…or something like that

  1. I second that. Start a blog about life in Sydney, Sheila, really. It would be cool to hear what’s up with you there. And you know how we spoiled Westerners love reading about our wasteful ways…

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