Okay I’ve totally fallen behind with my blogging so I have to backtrack a little bit to the end of May when we went off to Scotland for four days. And seeing as it is a country in itself, I feel like it deserves a short post at the very least. (I’m currently in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, which is a pretty non-descript sort of place – but more about that in a sec).

In Glasgow there are some great tea shops where you can get decent scones, jam and tea for a good price; and there’s a statue of Sir Walter Scott which is on a sky-high pedestal in the square which is a pretty cheeky thing for them to do seeing as it replaced a statue of a king. The hillside necropolis by Glasgow Cathedral is really pretty and is nicknamed ‘The city of the dead’…and is it turns out, the whole city felt pretty dead with no particularly interesting areas and not much of a vibe at all. The massive motorway which cuts the city in half probably doesn’t help much.

While in Glasgow we did a day trip to the lowlands of Scotland including Loch Lomond and Stirling (a castle town) and it was lovely to get out of the city for the day for obvious reasons. Looking back, we should have spent more time checking out Scotland’s natural beauty and less time in the cities which are not its most distinguishing feature.

Edinburgh is definitely the more interesting and sophisticated of the two cities. Edinburgh’s old city is astoundingly beautiful for and it just felt a lot more lively and interesting. The city must really come to life during the Festival in August, but as it was, it was a nice place to wander around for a day or so though we might well have gotten bored after that since we don’t make a habit of hanging out in pubs at night. I finally got to fulfil a childhood ambition and had some haggis with neeps (turnips) and tattie (potato) which is quite indicative of Scottish food in general (ie. rich and fatty). The hostel we stayed in was right on the Royal Mile, the main road of the old city, and it was a real hardcore backpacker establishment. Most of the girls in my six bed dorm actually lived there. Not something I could ever do that’s for sure. A lot of Aussies end up in Edinburgh to work in the pubs. And though I can see the appeal…I think London was definitely the right choice for me. When we came back from Scotland it felt good to be home in London. It was almost a pity that we only had another day before heading off to Turkey – but here we are.


One thought on “Scotland

  1. Hei!This totally made me want to go back to Stirling. We stayed there for a couple of days, and I really liked it there!Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your travels!!!Ingrid

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