Ghent, Belgium

After my disappointment in Brugges, Ghent made quite an impression – in a way that it didn’t at all last time. All I remembered from my earlier visit was the modern art museum, SMAK, which had a pretty awful collection. Maybe I’m a bit older now but I really liked Ghent because it’s a funky student town with lots of snack bars, cafés and bars. It had a great vibe especially because it felt like summer when I arrived and everyone was sitting outside having beers. I’m such a fan of this outdoor bar/cafe culture that they have in Belgium!

I spent the evening with my friend Pieter, who I’ve known for quite a while. We had a really great time catching up over drinks and a delicious Thai dinner (Belgium is so cosmopolitan now…!). I just wish I had had more time to hang out in Ghent…guess it’s another reason for me to come back.

Ghent is also a really pretty town with a great mix of old and new architecture.


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