Brussels, Belgium

I didn’t really expect to like Brussels much more than I did last time. But actually I did…it may be chock full of tourists but it’s such a large city that we’re all kind of swallowed whole by it. Plus tourists mostly congregrate around the Grand Place which, it has to be said, is definitely one of the most beautiful squares I’ve seen in Europe.

Cool candles at the tourist market.

Brussels felt very French in some ways – it’s the main language there – and in the town centre it had a bit of an old-world and luxurious feel. I met up again with David and we hung out in a smoky atmospheric bar called Le Greenwich where men drank while they played chess.

Brussels is full of fine chocolate shops…possibly geared to tourists and foreign diplomats!

Away from all the finery it’s obviously a very modern city. Unfortunately that meant that I saw a lot of beggars about, and I also unwittingly wandered into the poorer parts of town. So Brussels is a very real city in that regard – where the old and the new worlds collide.


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