Spring in London!

I think this is the first time in my life that I’ve been really heartened by the arrival of spring. Maybe it’s just something I’ve never really noticed in Australia because the change in temperature is not hugely dramatic. And though it’s still cold here, the important thing is that it’s less cold.

It would be impossible not to notice that it’s spring here because it’s an all-out renewal with blossoms the colour of snow bursting and bright yellow daffodils growing haphazardly and powder pink tulips blooming and virginal leaves the colour of frosted mint appearing…o spring, I feel inspired to write a sonnet about thee. (Obviously I needed to move to this concrete jungle in order to become more inspired by nature…!)

From top to bottom: Blossoms in Leyton, deck chairs in Hyde Park, pink flowers outside Tate Britain, a daffodil in Hyde Park, and two gorgeous flowers at Russell Square. I’m rather pleased with my flower portraits – they turned out well I think, thanks to my whizzy camera.


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