Malmö, Sweden

While we were in Copenhagen, the opportunity to do a daytrip to Malmö in Sweden was pretty irresistable – if only to say that I’ve now ‘done’ all the Nordic countries! ;) Malmö is only half an hour on the train from Copenhagen because of the Oresund Bridge (which looks amazing from the sky, though we didn’t know what we were looking at flying in). Malmö is a nice city, and reminded me of Oslo in some ways. One thing which really struck me was how great and cheap good design is in Sweden.

These look pretty dodgy eh? They’re actually banana covers…!

They have outdoor cafes…with blankets because it’s too cold! Crazy.

The view of the ceiling from the cafe/homewares shop we had lunch in.


One thought on “Malmö, Sweden

  1. Picture of Malmo – I’ve been reading detective stories by a Swedish writer – whose name immediately escapes me. He often visits Malmo.Remind me to tell you about him when you get to Leichhardt.

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