London – Part 3

I think I’m getting used to the cold now. Sometimes – and this is where I show my true stripes as a always-look-on-the-bright-side kinda girl – it’s even nice to leave home when it’s sub-10 degrees Celsius because it really perks you up in the morning. Really.

That’s not to say that I want to live through another northern hemisphere winter any time soon – you get so little sunlight and everywhere you look you see a lot of unhappy faces. It’s so obvious that people are hanging in there, trying to make it through the cold winter months because summer is only a few months away (or so you keep telling yourself).

By about 4pm the sun starts to come down and by 5pm is feels very much like night already…and then it feels like it’s time to go home to a centrally-heated house. And because the sun sets so early, it means I get to take lots of great night photos, which were actually taken at about 5pm.

Hyde Park at around 3.30pm (!)

The Prime Meridan in Greenwich (zero degrees longitude).

What dusk looks like at Greenwich Park – one of the many pretty parks in London.

Soho is where Londoners come out at night to play…it’s a really cool area with lots of quirky shops, record stores and restaurants. It also has a bad rep as a seedy area because of the sex shops, gay clubs etc – but in all honesty, King’s X at home feels a lot dodgier.

Chinatown is a sizeable chunk of Soho, and a good area to go to when you have a sudden craving for Chinese-style cakes. Or roast duck for that matter.

The Somerset House ice skating rink is a great place to watch people skate…it’s one of half a dozen open-air ice skating rinks open in London for the winter.

And finally, Piccadilly Circus…the heart of commercial London.


5 thoughts on “London – Part 3

  1. Heya Sheila :DWe’re missing you! But we’ll be there in 6 weeks!!! Counting down the days….Send us an sms…the number we have doesn’t seem to be working :(Alan & Hanna

  2. I adore the pic of the ice skaters…you’re showing some fab photography skills, my dear.Anyway, the countdown begins to your return…Hope you’re keeping well and looking after yourselfKris

  3. Hey Sheila! Loving those pics you’ve been taking. They make me wanna jump on a plane straight to London!Hope you’re doing well gal. Missed you heaps. Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself. You’d be a treat to travel with by the looks of it. You really seem to make the most of every place you go to!Thank you soooo much for the postcard and Chrissy card you sent me. E-mail me your postal address gal. I had no address to reply to!Take care & big big hugs,Vicky H xoxo

  4. Hey sheila!Were in Melbourne now and even though its summer its is 25 degrees and quite chilly sometimes. Loving all the pics, they make me want to be back there for sure! I guess I’ll have to travel through your eyes. I haven’t had a chance to do my blog up. Will do soon.I hope you’re well and that Michael has found a job. Did the big freeze eventually come to London??I will write more soon Caz :D

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