New Year’s Day, London

Would you believe it? Every year on New Year’s Day, a big American-style parade traverses the streets of London. And for a pretty unpopular event, it’s actually managed to make it to its twentieth anniversary. The streets from Westminster to Piccadilly seemed to be mostly lined by small hoardes of tourists like ourselves (most Brits were probably in bed nursing hangovers).

The floats ranged from truly naff – Council floats from various London boroughs; to resplendent – imported American marching bands and cheerleaders. And you know what? I loved the pomp of the American floats – it recalled to mind all the American teen books I used to read where girls stressed about cheerleader tryouts and the nerdy kids edited yearbooks and joined the school band. One day I’m definitely going to make it to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in NYC – or at the very least, witness a homecoming parade through a small town in middle America.

British cheerleaders aren’t quite as glam as their American counterparts – one girl shouted out to a friend in the stands, “God I’m starving! I haven’t eaten all day”.

Onya Haringey Council!

The band geeks from Troy High School Marching Band & Jazz Ensemble – otherwise known as the Trojans.


One thought on “New Year’s Day, London

  1. Neat, who knew they did it in London as well… Macy’s parade looked a bit more flashy, even though it rained cats and dogs:)At least I can say I’ve been there:) To NY that is…

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