London – Part 1

Being back in London again has reaffirmed what I’ve known for at least the last couple of years: London is far and above one of the greatest cities in the world. It’s a place I know I’ll continue to return to because I feel like I’ll never be able to exhaust all the beauty and verve and wonder that it offers.

Birds in flight over Hyde Park.

London is where the old world of manicured gardens and Wren buildings meets the new world of relentless commerce and multiculturalism. It’s hardly surprising that I find so much about this city to love especially when you consider there’s also good music, free art and cheap ethnic food thrown into the mix.

The Bluetones at Shepherds Bush Empire, one of the most underrated bands around and one of my all-time favourites.

Brick Lane has become known as the place in London to have an authentic curry – but you could probably find a decent curry on just about every major street in London…

Whitechapel markets in East London teems with locals shopping for groceries and other miscellany.

Book Mongers (on Coldharbour Lane) and a halal butcher in Brixton, South London.

Of course, living in a city gives you the time to explore it more thoroughly and also provides an opportunity to know it in a way that you never can as a tourist. So after six months of living in London, I hope to gain some real insight into what this chameleonic city is all about.

(Adverts in South Kensington tube station.)

I’ve ended up settling in outer east London which is a veritable melting pot and a part of town that I’ve really connected with – there will undoubtedly be lots more about this area in a future installment. I’ll update this page every week or two with new photos and stories of London as well as all the other places I plan to visit because everything is so mind-bogglingly close in proximity!


One thought on “London – Part 1

  1. Ahhh, you make me miss London all over again…even though my beloved Copenhagen is what I yearn for the most these days. Whereabouts in outer east London have you settled ? East London is unfortunately not what it used to be but such is the cycle of things.

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