Levanger, Norway

My journey to Norway actually began at the end of 1997 – that was when I first started writing letters to Ingrid. At the age of sixteen, the thought that one day I would be flying over a stark snow-covered landscape to meet her, was as remote as the idea of being twenty-four.

Ingrid comes from a country town in the middle of Norway called Levanger. She lives on a house on the family property. It was great to finally experience first hand many of the things that she had written to me about over the years. I also felt really privileged to be living in a part of Norway that not many visitors get to see.

For a city girl like me, living on a farm was really quite exciting – the fresh milk I drank each morning tasted better than any I’ve ever had before. I also had more moose meat than I ever thought I’d eat – moose salami, roast moose, moose steak, moose mince…much of it from her father’s various hunting expeditions. And it tasted good!

These are just some of the cows that produced the milk that I got to drink ;)

(Random elk leg! For their dog.)

We also took to walking in the mornings because it seemed like I had brought the good weather with me. The fresh country air, the pungent smell of manure, the sound of tractors driving past…it was on these walks that I really felt what a truly special experience it was to be here, and to be visiting my long-time Norwegian penpal for the first time.

(Check out my John Deere cap!)


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