Blois, France

Unfortunately one of the perils of travel is the fact that illness easily – and very often does – strike. So I spent most of the time we were in Blois with a head that weighed heavily on my shoulders. It was a very pretty town but was a bit one-horse. However, we did find a very charming aromatic garden that had a wide variety of herbs, the leaves of which we crushed between our fingers to release the scents.

The main reason we had decided to stop in Blois was the fact that it was a good place to bike to nearby chateaus in the Loire Valley. According to our sources there were two bikeshops in town. We spent an hour looking for the main one listed, only to find that it had moved addressed, and then for some reason had closed down altogether with no explanation. In order to get to the other bikeshop, we caught a taxi across to the other side of town just after midday – only to find that the shop was closed until 2pm. Once again, we were foiled by the erratic operating hours of French businesses.


One thought on “Blois, France

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